Beachcomber Gin

                                                                   Serving Suggestions

 1.       We recommend that it is served simply on it’s own over a load of ice and a slice of Orange zest.

 2.      Not forgetting the classic G & T, serve it with a with Fever Tree Indian or  Mediterranean Tonic & a slice of                               orange zest and a couple of pink peppercorns.


 3.       If you prefer more of a cocktail or a desert why not try it over a scoop of orange or lemon Sorbet which                                    really enhances the flavours. Add a scoop of sorbet of your choice and pour over a measure of                                                  Beachcomber Gin for the perfect dessert.  Alternatively add a scoop of your chosen sorbet, add a                                            measure of Beachcomber Gin and a splash of lemonade, give it a stir for a perfect and refreshing drink.  

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